SOOOM is a unique content service provider of 3D-generated marketing material for advertising based in Germany. We produce motion pictures, images, Apps, VR-experiences and real-time-rendered applications for our clients around the world.

While we are surely doing great in generating artistic and highly realistic footage, our core competency is project management and creative direction. We designed a robust and reliable productivity chain that guarantees clients even in the most creative projects, highly efficient time line- and asset-management. No matter a project involves a team of 5 or 50 people, or what time-zone the client or asset is working from, we deliver constant quality within the deadline.

Our creative abilities are customized for industrial B2B clients who not only seek a simple production house producing their product-videos. We are going through a deep product analysis and creative assessment before proposing a treatment or script. Of cause, we also involve real-world shootings (non-3D-based) if content requires.

Our sales network is a diverse and colourful web of associated partners worldwide based in Germany, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States.

Integrating production, sales, recruitment, CRM and accounting into one system that helps all people involved to work more structured and efficient on the task at hand. This reduced service prices and enhanced employee happiness. Along with the new platform, came the ability to scale team size up and down within a few days, according to customer demand. -A survival component of modern service industries.

The founders of SOOOM are the prior majority-shareholder of successful 3D-production house The Looop CGI, that operated out of Shanghai, China in the advertising gold-rush-time from 2006-2015.
Our Asian history brings us brilliant connections into most Asian markets, 10+ languages  within the company and 15 years of CG-production experience in an extremely competitive market.
The major difference between SOOOM and The Looop CGI is that Looop had it's target clients among top rated advertising agencies while SOOOM now focuses very much on industrial B2B clients that usually don't involve advertising agencies and therefore need creative consultancy.

SOOOM is a Trademark of the Berlin registered venture builder company TechVentury GmbH.

Meet the Team

Marten Rauschenberg

Founder /
Company Architect

Marten focuses on shaping the company and is the visionary driver behind the scenes defining future products and market opportunities and integrating production, sales, recruitment, CRM and accounting into one system.


Founder /
Operations Manager

With 15 years of 3D-production experience as a hands-on artist David has seen it all and knows every bit of the production pipeline. David oversees operations, handles research and takes care of everything the client needs.

SOOOM Malaysia

SOOOM Malaysia was initiated due to increasing requests from the SEA-region for highly realistic CGI in construction sphere with demand for creative input that local competitors could not provide. 

Amril Abd Wahab

Managing Director - Malaysia

SOOOM Malaysia is managed by Amril Abd Wahab a Malaysian Designer, Animator, Project Manager and Underwater Photographer. He has been instrumental in driving multinational brands such as UEM, Pelaburan Hartanah Berhad and OPUS to new heights across the Malaysia region. In 2001, Amril founded creative agencies FM MEDIA. SOOOM Malaysia has been initiated in 2017.